HD Brings Back Our Old Problems With TV Audio Levels

There's been a resurgence of an old-school problem with broadcast TV: since digital transition, it seems like hardly anyone pays attention to program audio levels. I was watching a movie on TNT Sunday night and when they went to a break, it suddenly became so loud I spilled a drink on myself fumbling for the remote control.
I called a buddy of mine at Turner Studios to find out who's in charge of QC'ing their on-air playout. Turns out they've got lots of handy tools they use to keep their signal broadcast safe. In fact, they tell him 'Don't worry about video levels, we can catch that on the way out.', so it would seem that they could knock the audio of their promos down at least enough to keep me from getting soaked in Diet Coke. Some channels are better than others, like NatGeo, which is very uniform between programs and breaks. I'm not saying, but I'm just saying...


Raising Awareness for the Institute for Truth in Accounting

It's a staggering figure, and one of the more compelling messages we've ever been asked to deliver for any client. The nonpartisan Institute for Truth in Accounting was founded to connect people with the real truth about government spending that never seems to get the attention it deserves. This national debt counter only tells part of the story. Nmedia is producing a series of TV spots for the institute that highlight the perils of making decisions without all the facts. We encourage you to explore the institute's website at www.truthin2010.org.


Coming Soon: Nmedia.com 3.0

The slow summer has allowed us to focus on a few attributes of our business that need attention, particularly the Nmedia.com website. With a soft launch date set for August 20, the new Nmedia.com will feature a more elegant interface, more timely work samples and a tour of our facitlites, as well as mobile connectivity and new technology where it counts: providing robust, precise interactive feedback opportunities for our clients during the content review and approval process. We've also been hard at work with systems integration and various facility improvements as well, and we invite you to stop in for a look whenever you are in the vicinity of our Midtown studios. We think you'll agree the extra attention is paying off.